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Why Choose us?

• free of cost quotes with step patterns.

• no hidden charges.

• we provide prime quality packing material.

• duteous and respectful staff of packers and movers.

• on-demand delivery process.

•strict rules and regulations for the co-vid 19 crisis.

• attentive customer care executive.

• regular notifications of your goods.

• live g.p.s tracking of your goods.

• house sanitizing if you ask for it.

• 24 hours 7 days of transportation.

• no damages record with our customer’s belongings.

•finest service provider.

• we provide insurance for our clients well.

• 24* 7 security system.

• stress-free delivery.

• highly experienced drivers.

• Good reviews from our regular clients.

• we provide a waterproof coating for our customer’s household goods

• stress-free relocating.

warehouse storage


What do you do if you want to move into your new house in India and the handicrafts are not yet finished in two rooms? Neither the cellar […]

packers and movers office relocation


We manage your company move to any city with the know-how of an experienced moving company. The move of an entire company or an office move must be […]

packers and movers international


INTERNATIONAL MOVE WE WILL SUPPORT YOU IN ADVICE AND ACTION Moving abroad can be nerve-racking. As a rule, you have to plan, take into account and calculate so […]

The packers are coming – your Rehousing Packers and Movers company

Make yourself comfortable,
The packers come and take care of it!

We’ll take care of your move quickly, cheaply and easily. From private to company moves in Delhi Ncr and all over India

Our specialty are private removals in Delhi Ncr and all over India at low prices. Our senior removals guarantee you an all-round carefree package. Rely on our professional planning when moving your company. We also offer transport and courier services.


  • short-term viewing appointments
  • Rapid preparation of the fixed price or hourly price offer
  • from small transport to full service relocation
  • Packing and unpacking of all kinds
  • Furniture and kitchen assembly
  • Lamps, drilling & dowelling work
  • Household resolutions
  • Shredding
  • disposal

Private move

We will put together a cheap and individual package according to your wishes and quickly bring you to your new dream apartment.

Company move

So that your business is not impaired before and during the move, we offer you professional move management, from planning to moving into the new business premises.


We offer you a service that includes more than an ordinary transport service. No matter whether in Delhi Ncr and all over India – with our all-round carefree service, we ensure that your freight arrives on time and safely at its destination.

Clearing out

Waste-removals does the clearing, clearing out and professional disposal not only for private households, but also for companies and authorities.
PACKERS AND MOVERS BY CITYHousehold Storage and Warehousing Service
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Packers and Movers in BangaloreHousehold Storage in Bangalore
Packers and Movers in GoaHousehold Storage in Goa
Packers and Movers in DwarkaHousehold Storage in Dwarka
Packers and Movers in ZirakpurHousehold Storage in Zirakpur
Packers and Movers in Mangalore

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